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An agency is nothing without the talent and creativity of those it represents. This experience has been borne out by the founder of Garden, Angela Woods, one of London’s most successful photographers’ agents. The ethos of her agency, AWA, is at the heart of Garden – great service for our wonderful clients, together with proper support, the nurturing of ability and a constant eye on career advancement for those on our list. It’s big agency reach and capability, coupled with the care and quirk of a boutique enterprise.

We want to represent dedicated and dynamic individuals who are at the top of their field, or, at least, on their way there. Tell us why you want to join Garden and please include links to your own site.

To commission us, collaborate or to join us, please contact:
+44 (0)207 284 3417

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Garden is a subsidiary of Angela Woods Productions Limited, 4 The Carlton Tavern, 73 Grafton Road, London NW5 4BB
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